About Jeff Rich

I’ve decided I’m not writing about myself in the third person, so the following is what I’m willing to share about myself.

At a young age, I transformed from someone who did not know of the existence of sport to someone who could not get enough of them, in an instant. I quickly become fond of the local high school football team, Ohio State, the Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers, as I grew up with the unrelenting misery that accompanied being a fan of the home team(s) in Northeast Ohio.

Eventually, I grew up got older and left Cleveland; first for the Marine Corps and later for an opportunity in Arizona. That’s where I’ve been since 2001, from Scottsdale to Tempe, and since 2010, in Phoenix-proper.

I’ve found myself engaged with the local scene in the desert, but only when convenient. The Diamondbacks won the World Series about six weeks after I got here, and the football Cardinals home games weren’t televised locally. Claiming an affinity for the Johnny-come-lately champs felt disingenuous, and feigning interest in a crummy football team wasn’t going to happen. I already had that with the Browns and I could watch all of their games (at a bar).

Transplants like myself tend to post up at the bar to watch their favorite team each Sunday, and that’s where I met some pals that plugged me into this sports radio thing. As it turns out, just knowing a lot of things about sports does not make you good on the air by default.

It’s been a bit of a learning curve, but via podcasting, correspondent segments, and co-hosting sports talk shows, I was eventually given the keys to be lead host on a nationally syndicated show that airs nightly.

In the interest of full disclosure (read: what I’m willing to tell), those two hours a night on the radio do not pay the bills. I have an obligation unrelated to discussing my sports opinions, so life can be a balancing act and a challenge at times.

To come home, to Jen, my wife since 2007, makes it all worth the while. It’s been a hell of a ride, let’s see where it takes us next.